Coca-Cola’s Evolution: An In-Depth Look at the Company’s Past

On November 16, 2023, an inspection was carried out at the headquarters of COCA-COLA HBC CROATIA, a company with limited liability for the production, sale, and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages. This took place at Sachsova 1, Zagreb and involved the control of the execution of a decision pronounced on the record.

By an oral decision, the company was temporarily prohibited from placing on the market a product called Romerquelle Emotion with the flavor of blueberry pomegranate, 330 ml and marked 12.2023 L17Q. The trading company was ordered to withdraw the products from the market of the Republic of Croatia and to inform customers about the reasons for the withdrawal.

The decision ban came into force upon receipt of the minutes and continued until official analyzes determined the correctness of the rest of the series. The company informed the inspection that 604 direct customers and 3831 other customers/sales points had been visited. All 3623 bottles found on

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