CERN Science Gateway Reaches 100,000 Visitors: Celebrating the Success of Outreach in Science and Technology

Science Gateway Celebrates 100,000th Visitor Milestone

Since its opening in October 2023, CERN Science Gateway has been a popular destination for visitors. On Tuesday, February 6th, the center welcomed its 100,000th visitor – Bavo Lens and Nicky Morren from Hasselt who were on a city break in Geneva. They praised the center’s high-tech machines such as the Synchrocyclotron and ATLAS and also commended the guide who made complex scientific concepts understandable to visitors.

“Visiting CERN is a must for anyone interested in science and technology,” said Lens. “The reception building is beautiful and offers wonderful exhibitions that explain how particle research works. The staff was very friendly and helpful, making our visit even more enjoyable.”

CERN Science Gateway has been an instant success since its opening in October 2023, with an average of 1000 visitors per day enjoying this new facility. The center offers activities for all ages, including inviting young visitors from five years old to play and “see the invisible” while building up an interest in science and technology. Having reached this milestone, the Visits service would like to send a big “thank you” to all its active guides who have volunteered day after day to ensure that our visitors have an inspiring experience.

For those who are passionate about outreach and education in science and technology, becoming a guide at CERN Science Gateway could be the perfect opportunity. The team will support you every step of the way as you embark on this journey towards making a positive impact on society through scientific knowledge sharing. Take the first step today and join CERN Science Gateway’s growing community of guides dedicated to inspiring future generations of scientists!

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