Centenarian U.S. Army Veteran Arthur Larson Honored on His 104th Birthday

Danville WWII Veteran Celebrates 104th Birthday, Receives Key to the City

Arthur Larson, a U.S. Army quartermaster during World War II, was recently honored on his 104th birthday in Danville. The celebration took place at Brookdale Diablo Lodge where Larson resides with his wife of more than 70 years, Joan. Despite reaching such an impressive age, Larson maintained a calm demeanor in front of the camera and expressed his gratitude for being able to celebrate this special occasion.

Originally from Colorado, Larson pursued a career in education after the war and became heavily involved with the Red Cross, particularly in organizing programs for physically challenged students. As part of the birthday festivities, the mayor of Danville presented Larson with a key to the city. Larson’s son Eric praised his father for being a great role model and emphasized the unwavering support and love he received from him. Inspired by his father’s impact, Eric followed in his footsteps and pursued a career in education as well.

Despite his age, Larson remains active and engaged in social activities at Brookdale Diablo Lodge where he is currently working on writing his memoir. In a fun fact, Larson shared with KPIX that he attended one of the first public presentations of a working television at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933.

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