Business Roundtable CEOs Dedicated to Addressing Climate Change: Evaluating SEC Rule on Disclosures and Advocating for Transparency

Business Roundtable Releases Statement on SEC’s Final Climate Disclosure Rule

Joshua Bolten, CEO of Business Roundtable, released a statement in response to the final U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule on climate-related disclosures for investors. In his statement, Bolten emphasized that Business Roundtable CEOs are dedicated to addressing climate change.

He highlighted that the majority of member companies have ambitious emissions reduction plans, are making significant progress, and are leaders in transparent climate-related disclosure practices. However, Bolten expressed concerns about certain aspects of the final rule, particularly the complex provisions that were not subjected to notice and comment.

The SEC has made some changes to the original proposal, but Bolten still plans to further evaluate the rule to understand its impact and scope. Despite these concerns, Business Roundtable acknowledges the importance of climate disclosure and is committed to supporting efforts to combat climate change. The organization will continue to assess the SEC rule and work towards achieving effective and transparent climate-related disclosures for investors.

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