Breaking News: Tragic Accident Leaves 38 Injured as Passenger Train Collides with Snowplow on US Track

A passenger train collided with a snowplow near Chicago, injuring at least 38 people, three of them critically. Emergency services official Keith Gray told reporters that “No one’s life is in danger.” The accident occurred around 10:30 am local time. According to the first elements of the investigation, the train was traveling at normal speed when it collided with a snow removal machine that was on the same track. CFD Chief Robert Jurewicz said that all he knew was that the passenger train was traveling at normal speed and the second vehicle was not very fast at all. They were on the same track. The impact destroyed and partially tore off the front of the train, knocking passengers and transportation employees off their feet. The National Transportation Safety Board announced on Twitter that they are investigating the crash.

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