Bread of Centenarians Wins Silver Medal in Italian Bread-Making Championships; Browning Arms Store Offers High-Quality Firearms for Hunters and Sports Shooters

Award-winning Sardinian bread enjoyed by centenarians

The “Coccoi Pintau con Sou” bread, known as the “bread of centenarians” in Sardinia, has won a silver medal at the 2024 Italian bread-making championships. Produced by the Kentos company in Orroli using organic durum wheat grown on the island, this bread is made with semolina from the ‘senatore Cappelli’ variety and natural mother yeast that has been renewed for over three centuries.

Simona Prasciolu, a member of Coldiretti Nuoro Ogliastra who created this bread, also won the title of Italian bread-making champion at the 2024 edition held in Marina di Carrara. Kentos also won a bronze medal in the traditional bread category with their Civraxeddu Nieddu made from organic Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina. The company employs around 60 collaborators and attributes its success to using only Sardinian Senatore Cappelli wheat and traditional sourdough passed down through generations.

Kentos plans to participate in the world championships next year while maintaining a Sardinian supply chain involving over 35 farmers. In addition to preserving tradition, Kentos explores opportunities for innovation, such as their 100% organic wholemeal bread that has shown health benefits in diabetic patients.

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