Brazilian Tastes ‘Fire’ for the First Time in Maksimir as Croatians Share ‘Euro’ Excitement

A passionate Brazilian fan named Rafael Beserra was at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb, Croatia to witness the final match of the Croatian national football team against Armenia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. As he watched with excitement, one fan jumped out from the others and caught everyone’s attention. It was none other than Beserra himself, who had come to the stadium wearing a “fire” shirt and waving a flag.

Beserra had fulfilled his lifelong dream of meeting his idol, Luka Modrić (38), at the League of Nations in Rotterdam just weeks before. Following that experience, he received an invitation from the Croatian Tourist Board and decided to visit Croatia as a guest of honor. He is now studying Croatian in Zagreb and living out his dream.

As he sat down with us at Maksimir Stadium, Beserra couldn’t contain his excitement for the upcoming match. He spoke passionately about how much he loves the “fire” team and predicted a convincing victory for them against Armenia. He also shared his knowledge of Croatian culture and language, showing off his skills in an interview with us.

One thing that stood out about Beserra was his dedication to the national team. He had already purchased tickets for the Euro tournament in Germany and planned on attending every match possible. His enthusiasm for both football and Croatian culture made him an inspiration to all who met him at Maksimir Stadium that day.

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