Blood tests reveal that financial worries are the biggest strain on health

Blood tests reveal that financial worries are the biggest strain on health

Stressful life events and ongoing worry can have a detrimental impact on people’s health, according to research from University College London. The study found that stress alters the coordination between the immune system, nervous system, and hormones, which can lead to various health issues. Financial worries were identified as the most harmful source of stress in the study.

Researchers analyzed four markers in the blood of over 5,000 subjects aged 50 and above. These markers, including crp, fibrinogen, cortisol, and igf-1, are indicators of inflammation and immune response. Based on the concentrations of these markers, the researchers categorized the subjects into three groups with varying risks of falling ill.

The immune, nervous, and hormonal systems have been linked to a range of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, depression, and schizophrenia. Chronic stress can disrupt the balance between these systems and contribute to illness, according to the lead author of the study, Odessa Hamilton.

The study also examined the impact of various stressful events on health markers. Financial worries, long-term illness, disability, and the death of a loved one were found to significantly increase the risk of health problems. Interestingly, divorce did not have the same effect, and physical disability even reduced the probability of being in a high or moderate health risk group.

Genetic factors did not appear to influence the consequences of stress on the body, according to the research. The study also revealed that experiencing multiple stressors could further increase the risk of falling into a high health risk group. Overall, the findings highlight the importance of managing stress and addressing life events that may impact health.

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