The Impact of GM’s Major Decision on Detroit’s Small Businesses

The future of the Renaissance Center in Detroit is uncertain as General Motors prepares to move its global headquarters to the Hudson’s Detroit development on Woodward Avenue. This move has left other tenants in the RenCen wondering about the impact on their businesses. Kurt Eschenburg, owner of Allegra, is hopeful that Bedrock, the developer, will bring new opportunities to the building.

Eschenburg pointed out that General Motors is not in the real estate business and the RenCen’s future could involve commercial, residential, or mixed-use spaces. GM, Bedrock, and the city are taking a year to determine the best course of action for the building’s redevelopment.

Urban planning expert Kirk Pinho mentioned that the RenCen’s current layout may present challenges for its future use, as modern urban planning focuses on open concepts and accessibility for all. On Woodward Avenue, where GM will be relocating, nearby businesses are looking forward to the increase in foot traffic from the automaker’s employees.

Chef Andrew Ossowski-Blair of Chick-P Detroit and Lybia Calloway of Bon Bon Bon expressed optimism about the potential benefits of GM’s move for businesses in the area. Calloway in particular noted that businesses like hers in Parker’s Alley would benefit from increased foot traffic brought by nearby office workers. Overall, the future of the RenCen and surrounding businesses hinges on the decisions made by GM, Bedrock, and the city in the coming year.

By Samantha Robertson

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