Sols 935-936: Further Contact Science Exploration in Garden City

Today’s two-sol plan for Curiosity closely resembles the weekend plan, with a focus on investigating the dark and light portions of the veins at “Garden City.” The rover will use its MAHLI and APXS instruments to analyze the veins and look for variations in chemistry using ChemCam and Mastcam observations. In addition, Curiosity will conduct environmental monitoring activities to measure atmospheric composition and opacity, as well as search for dust devils.

Despite the disappointment of the weekend plan not going as expected, the images received thus far indicate that the outcrop is complex and warrants further exploration. The team is eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of Garden City and uncover more insights into the geology of the area. With each new discovery, Curiosity continues to provide valuable data that enhances our understanding of the Martian landscape.

By Samantha Robertson

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