Premier Tech and MG Tech collaborate on Packaging Technology

Premier Tech and MG Tech have joined forces in a strategic partnership to address the changing needs of manufacturers in various industries, including nutrition, industrial, fast-moving consumer goods, and parapharmacy. By combining forces, both companies aim to provide high-performance and innovative packaging solutions to their customers around the world.

The partnership will see Premier Tech becoming part of MG Tech’s capital, giving the French group access to Premier Tech Systems and Automation’s global ecosystem. This collaboration will enable MG Tech to tap into a wide range of products, services, and technologies offered by Premier Tech to support its growth in the American and international markets.

The integration of Premier Tech Systems and Automation within the MG Tech ecosystem will help expand the company’s global reach and presence. Eric Gautier, president of the MG Tech group, emphasized the shared values between the two companies and highlighted the opportunities for joint services and international expansion, especially in the North American market.

For Premier Tech, the partnership offers an opportunity to enhance its technological platform portfolio and strengthen its European footprint. Simon Roy, president and chief operating officer of Premier Tech Systems and Automation, mentioned that the collaboration will allow them to expand their secondary packaging operations globally, focusing on market segments with a wider range of leading-edge products like case erectors and robotic case packers. By leveraging each other’s strategic skills, both companies are committed to delivering more value to their clients through this partnership.

By Samantha Robertson

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