Pause and Appreciate the Scenery

During the first sol of our weekend plan, Curiosity will use ChemCam to analyze several bedrock targets near the rover in order to understand the variety of geologic materials present along our driving route. The following two sols will be dedicated to capturing the stunning views from our current location. We will start by using Mastcam to take a multispectral observation of a target called “Ben Hee” close to the rover. We will then move on to taking larger Mastcam stereo mosaics to document the edge of the Greenheugh pediment and nearby sulfate unit buttes. Additionally, we will utilize the ChemCam Remote Micro Imager (RMI) to capture long-distance mosaics of interesting areas within the sulfate unit in the distance.

Looking ahead to early next week, we will complete our scientific observations at this spot and begin our journey to the next location.

By Samantha Robertson

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