MADA leads rescue exercises during power outages and communication breakdowns

In preparation for potential blackouts, Magen David Adom, the ambulance service, has been taking steps to ensure that their medical teams can respond quickly and efficiently in various scenarios. These blackouts can be caused by natural disasters, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, or even war. To prevent delays in responding to emergencies, MADA has been preparing to activate alternative means of communication to coordinate their teams and manage emergency calls in case of multiple simultaneous incidents.

To ensure that all employees and volunteers are ready to act in case of a blackout, MADA conducts exercises in different cities and towns across the country. Recently, exercises have been carried out in Harish and Modi’in where scenarios involving responding to wounded individuals from rocket attacks in areas without power or electronic communications were practiced. In addition to these exercises, Magen David Adom has purchased and installed generators, backup power systems, and medical equipment to ensure operations can continue during a blackout.

Furthermore, specialists working at Magen David Adom stations in the field are being trained to work in situations where there may be interruptions in power and communication. By being proactive and prepared, MADA is taking necessary steps to ensure that they can continue to provide life-saving services even in the event of a blackout.

By Samantha Robertson

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