Semenuk and Meeke left in awe by the rally known as the ‘best roads in the world’ – DirtFish

As I drive back from Dunedin to Queenstown before heading home, I make a stop at the Kawarau Bridge. It’s a bit of a clichéd journey, but it’s a must-do. This is where the madness all started, where people like you and me can take the plunge into a 50-meter gorge for the first time. A.J. Hackett and his friends had tested their elastic on smaller bridges around Auckland before doing the math and physics for the Kawarau Bridge jump. Their risky jumps didn’t go unnoticed as they eventually jumped off the Eiffel Tower in Paris, making Hackett a household name. I admire his adventurous spirit and motto of seizing the moment.

Now, it’s time to leave behind the beautiful fall weather of the Southern Hemisphere and head to Croatia for spring. The past week has been incredible, thanks to the Oakley boys for organizing an amazing rally with 16 single-use stages running perfectly on time. Brandon, Kris, are we doing this again next year? You bet. And if anyone is interested in experiencing the thrill of racing an Impreza H6 in Otago, let us know. It may cost around £5,000 for car rental, plus expenses, but the 170 miles of racing through a stunning landscape with great drinks and sports in the background is worth it.

So don’t hesitate, go for it and experience the ride of a lifetime in a truly remarkable part of the world. Drive like you mean it!

By Samantha Robertson

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