Rhea Ripley relinquishes WWE Women’s World Championship as a result of injury

WWE Superstar Natalya recently discussed the growth of the women’s division with USA TODAY Sports ahead of Wrestlemania 40. Natalya’s insights shed light on the progression and development of female wrestlers within the WWE.

The women’s division faced a setback when Rhea Ripley had to vacate the WWE Women’s World Championship due to a shoulder injury. Ripley’s injury occurred during a backstage segment on “Monday Night Raw” following WrestleMania 40. Liv Morgan’s attack with a chair led to Ripley hitting the wall, resulting in her injury and subsequent relinquishment of the title.

In a recent episode of “Monday Night Raw,” Ripley appeared in a sling and revealed the severity of her injury. She expressed her determination to return and reclaim the title, promising to come back stronger than ever. Ripley’s reign as champion, which surpassed Bayley’s record, came to an end after 380 days.

Natalya’s conversation with USA TODAY Sports highlighted the dedication and resilience of female wrestlers in the WWE, emphasizing their commitment to the sport. As Ripley’s recovery timeline remains uncertain, the women’s division continues to showcase its talent and determination in the face of adversity.

By Samantha Robertson

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