Restoring Rights in Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park

During a business meeting conference on April 16, Ms. Huynh Thi Ngoc Dao, Chief of Office of the Management Board of Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park (SHTP), announced that the park has been authorized to grant environmental permits, approve construction projects, and decentralize other procedures. Under Resolution 98, SHTP has the authority to handle licensing, appraisal, and approval of environmental impact reports, as well as appraise and approve construction conditions for investment projects according to the 1/500 planning.

Ms. Dao highlighted the re-establishment of an on-site one-stop mechanism for administrative procedures in project investment and construction processes. Previously, SHTP directly handled these tasks, but changes in specialized laws required their transfer to specialized agencies, causing delays in investment projects. The lengthy administrative procedures have impacted the progress of projects in the high-tech park, affecting the efficiency of investment in industries that require quick product development and market entry.

By the end of March, SHTP had resolved 18 environmental licensing dossiers and 6 dossiers for the appraisal of construction conditions for projects. The park is pushing for decentralization to streamline procedures for inspecting and sanctioning units violating environmental laws and resolving construction issues in the park. As SHTP works to implement the on-site one-stop shop mechanism, the goal is to expedite project implementation, particularly in key fields like semiconductor microchips, aerospace, and biotechnology.

SHTP’s commitment to improving administrative procedures is seen as crucial by industry stakeholders, such as Ms. Ho Thi Thu Uyen, Head of the Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park Business Association. Streamlining on-site administrative procedures is seen as essential in enhancing management efficiency and competitiveness among high-tech zones in attracting investments. The changes in administrative procedures are highly anticipated by enterprises operating in the park, as they aim to facilitate smooth project operations and increase overall efficiency.

By Samantha Robertson

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