Newly Published: Read the 2024 UAS Technology Report Today

In Shephard’s latest Technology Report, Gerrard Cowan explores the potential of the newest naval UAS generation when paired with advanced payloads and specially designed or adapted host vessels. One key area of interest is the mine countermeasure (MCM) mission set. Integrating UAVs into a multi-domain sensor and effector network, utilizing technologies like LIDAR, offers the potential for autonomous platforms to neutralize sea mines from the air.

In an interview for the report, Daniel Scourzic, MCM and deepwater product line director at Exail, highlighted the various capabilities of UAS in detecting drifting or subsurface mines, especially in shallow waters where other unmanned systems cannot be deployed. He emphasized the importance of future developments in sensors and data fusion to fully realize the potential of UAS in mine neutralization operations.

Another aspect discussed in the report is the growing trend of using ships as carriers for aerial and other uncrewed systems. Industry professionals are addressing challenges such as UAV integration, command and control, and all-weather operations. Neil Hunter, global head of sales at Schiebel, advocates for motherships that can accommodate a variety of uncrewed assets, including UAVs, USVs, and UUVs. The company’s Camcopter S-100 VTOL aircraft offers versatility with its minimal footprint and ability to operate without a runway.

From an operational standpoint, incorporating UAVs alongside conventional assets on a ship requires minimal crewing requirements and allows for interoperability through recognized standards like STANAGs. The ability to deploy uncrewed systems from host vessels provides flexibility in mission capabilities and enhances overall operational effectiveness.

By Samantha Robertson

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