Military Training Utilized Immediately Following Key Bridge Collapse

Gov. Wes Moore of Maryland quickly relied on his military training upon learning about the Key Bridge collapse. He emphasized the importance of checking on people, establishing accountability, and following up. The collapse of the bridge has resulted in the temporary closure of the critical Port of Baltimore. In late March, Moore received a call with news that seemed unimaginable – the Francis Scott Key Bridge had collapsed into the Patapsco River after being struck by a massive cargo ship. This bridge, a symbol of the region’s industrial history for almost 50 years, shattered into pieces, leading to the tragic deaths of six construction workers.

Moore, now faced with one of the most complex maritime and infrastructural challenges in the country, credits his military service for preparing him for such a catastrophic event. He stressed the importance of accomplishing missions regardless of personal differences, highlighting that American patriotism belongs to all political parties. Moore maintained a mindset of expecting the unexpected as he navigated the aftermath of the bridge collapse.

As the first-term Democratic governor of Maryland, Moore, along with the state’s congressional delegation, is working diligently to secure federal funding to rebuild the bridge. Reflecting on his military background, Moore expressed how his experience leading soldiers in Afghanistan unknowingly prepared him for this moment. He emphasized that in times of crisis, uncertainty is the only certainty, and it is essential to adapt and respond to changing circumstances effectively.

By Samantha Robertson

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