John Goodman Quoted on Accenture Federal Services Acquisition of Cognosante

Accenture Federal Services has announced its acquisition of federal digital transformation and cloud modernization platforms provider Cognosante, although the financial terms have not been disclosed. Cognosante has been delivering cloud migration support, program management, and technology platforms for federal health care programs that serve veterans, active-duty personnel, providers, and other beneficiaries since 2008. Accenture’s federal arm, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ACN, now employs more than 14,000 individuals, and with the acquisition of Cognosante’s over 1,500 personnel, it is expected to expand further pending regulatory assessment and other standard closing conditions.

John Goodman, the CEO of Accenture Federal Services and recipient of the 2024 Wash100 award, highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and investment to support federal agencies in meeting the evolving needs of their mission and customers. Goodman expressed admiration for Cognosante’s capabilities, personnel, and impact, indicating that through this acquisition, the two entities will leverage technology to address the nation’s priorities.

Michele Kang, the founder and CEO of Cognosante, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, describing Accenture Federal Services as an ideal fit due to its dedication to clients, employees, and industry-leading capabilities. Kang emphasized that the merger will allow for continued support in modernizing operations, enabling future missions, and positively impacting the lives of millions of individuals.

By Samantha Robertson

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