Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes First Mental Health Deputy to the Team

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has taken a significant step in addressing mental health issues by appointing their first mental health deputy. This newly created position aims to assist the department in handling situations involving individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and in need of help.

Last week, Deputy Greg Walker was sworn in by Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shavers as the county’s inaugural mental health deputy. With over 30 years of experience as a licensed EMT and background in working with mental health patients at the federal level, Deputy Walker is well-equipped to support individuals in Cherokee County who are facing mental health challenges.

Deputy Walker’s responsibilities include evaluating the needs of individuals in crisis and determining the appropriate course of action, which may involve connecting them with mental health resources, arranging for treatment, or ensuring they receive proper supervision while in custody. He emphasizes that not everyone in crisis needs to be placed in jail, but rather may benefit from having someone to talk to and listen to their concerns.

The Sheriff’s Office is committed to building a team around this initiative to expand its reach and enhance services. Deputy Walker envisions the program growing with the addition of more staff and securing grants to bolster resources for mental health support in the community.

With the appointment of the first mental health deputy, Cherokee County is taking proactive steps to address mental health issues and provide crucial support to individuals in need. Stay informed by downloading news alerts from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or subscribe to the email newsletter for updates. Copyright 2024 WBRC. All rights reserved.

By Samantha Robertson

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