West accused by China of attempting to steal rare earths and food technology

One case study mentioned by the MSS discusses the arrest and jailing of an individual known only as Cheng for 11 and a half years for charges of providing state secrets illegally and bribery. Cheng, who was the deputy manager of a rare earth company, allegedly shared government research information with a contact from a foreign company in Shanghai. The MSS also raised concerns about activities that target Chinese grain production and research, which could impact the country’s food security.

According to reports, nearly 100 people and 11 companies were involved in similar illegal activities over the past two years. This included the general manager of a Chinese agricultural technology company who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for selling patented rice seeds to an overseas intelligence agency at a higher price than the market rate. A two-part documentary film was aired to shed light on the tactics used by foreign intelligence agencies, including infiltration, theft, and incitement.

The documentary aimed to expose the methods employed by overseas spies to recruit and manipulate Chinese officials, researchers, and personnel working abroad. The Global Times reported that these spies used a variety of tactics such as emotional solicitation, seduction, corruption, financial incentives, and offers of assistance to achieve their goals. These activities pose a significant threat to China’s national security, as highlighted in the film.

By Samantha Robertson

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