Video: Official Highlights from the 2024 Mairiporã XC World Cup

I recently had an experience with Discovery Plus and wanted to share my thoughts. I discovered that GCN is no longer showing the MTB World Cup, so I decided to create a Discovery Plus account without ads for 6€ per month. However, when I tried to find the app on my new Samsung TV, I couldn’t locate it. I live in Austria and do not have a TV plan as I rarely watch TV, so I don’t have Eurosport. While the app was available on my mobile phone and PC, it was missing on my TV. I ended up mirroring my phone screen to watch on the TV, though I couldn’t use my phone during the process.

Despite this workaround, I was able to watch the XCC on Saturday with multiple language options, but during the Sunday replay, only German was available. The interviews were not translated until later, so I could only hear the riders’ perspectives, especially Jenny Rissveds’. The most frustrating part was that I paid for an ad-free experience, but I was bombarded with ads every 10 minutes, particularly during the replay. I’m not sure if this is only during replays and not live versions, but it was disappointing to experience after paying extra for an ad-free account.

On the other hand, when I tried to install the app on my Samsung TV after signing up on my phone, it was easily accessible. While I was surprised that I had ads during the Men’s XCC, I didn’t encounter any ads during the XCO races on Sunday. However, I did notice that the ad breaks could be timed better during commentary segments to enhance the viewing experience. Overall, my experience with Discovery Plus had its ups and downs, but there are still areas that could be improved for a better user experience.

By Samantha Robertson

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