The Addition of Lynn’s Snyder Center for Health and Wellness Brings a Warm Welcome to Campus

At the Snyder Center, a group of students play important roles as wellness educators and fitness monitors. These students have the responsibility of helping to schedule classes, events, and programs while also gaining valuable on-campus job skills. Bella Verheyen, from the class of 2025, and Alyssa Ott, from the class of 2024, are two wellness educators who educate their peers on stress management, nutrition, and maintaining healthy relationships. They also offer a 10-week “Wellness Certificate” course to help students boost their resumes, with weekly Zoom calls featuring health experts.

Verheyen, a criminal justice major, works in the Student Wellness and Health Promotions office at the Snyder Center. She plans to pursue a career in law or join the FBI, and believes that it’s important to take care of oneself when in demanding careers. Ott, a psychology major, has been a wellness educator for three years and plans to pursue a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology. She enjoys hosting events like Wellness Wednesdays and encourages other students to take advantage of the free resources available on campus.

Both Verheyen and Ott have found their roles as wellness educators to be beneficial not only for managing stress but also for personal and professional development. They emphasize the importance of self-care and utilizing the resources available on campus, such as mindfulness events and deep breathing sessions. By taking on these roles, the students at the Snyder Center are not only helping their peers but also preparing themselves for their future careers.

By Samantha Robertson

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