My Experience with Science at Caltech – A Reflection

On the morning of April 11th, I headed over to Caltech’s Beckman auditorium, expecting to attend a typical genius lecture. However, what I experienced was far beyond my expectations. The speaker was graduate student Hannah Dion-Kirschner, and her presentation was titled “How Soil Microbes Help Us Fight Climate Change.”

The audience at this lecture was predominantly made up of students from four schools ranging from fifth to sixth grade. Despite their young age, the students were fully engaged as Dion-Kirschner took them on a journey from the microscopic world of soil microbes to the far reaches of our atmosphere. She drew parallels between her scientific research and playing the piano, emphasizing the importance of practice and the scientific method.

Throughout the lecture, Dion-Kirschner explained the crucial role of microbes in combating climate change, even incorporating a piano performance into her presentation. As she interacted with the students and their teachers, the learning process became even more dynamic. The students asked thoughtful questions in the final moments of the lecture, demonstrating their deep engagement with the topic.

The impact of this lecture was profound, not only on the young students but also on myself. It was clear that Caltech is fostering a supportive and engaging environment for scientific learning. The experience was truly inspiring, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

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By Samantha Robertson

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