Mad Science with Solar Shelley at WPL

The Walpole Public Library (WPL) has been hosting Mad Science of Southern Ma & RI throughout the month of March. Every Thursday, Mad Scientist Solar Shelly presents on various science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) topics such as Dinosaurs, Worms, Toys, and Movie Effects.

Children in grades Kindergarten through Third participate in these science-based activities at the library. Solar Shelly begins each session with a mini lesson, showcasing different toys, both old and new, and explaining how they work.

Before the activities begin, Solar Shelly reviews the three rules of Mad Science with the children, emphasizing the importance of listening, following instructions, and having fun. The workshop allows kids to explore and understand how toys utilize gravity, fiction, and energy.

During the session, children engage in hands-on play at five different stations set up by Solar Shelly. Each station features different toys like gear toys, balancing blocks, spinning tops, and race cars. Solar Shelly guides the children through the activities, explaining the science behind each toy.

Overall, the session is a fun and educational experience for the young scientists. They enjoy testing out each toy and learning about its STEAM components. The children look forward to the final class and are eager to continue their scientific exploration.

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By Samantha Robertson

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