Iran, Russia, and China: The Only Countries Treating the Situation as a New World War

The war in Ukraine may be seen as a regional conflict by the distracted populations of wealthy and free nations, but in reality, it is much larger and more complex. Since the beginning of the war in early 2022, an alliance of free countries has provided Ukraine with intelligence, weapons, and financial support to defend itself against Russian aggression in Donbas. This support was crucial as Russian regiments crossed the border and invaded Ukrainian territory.

Russia quickly mobilized its allies, such as Iran, which provided them with the Shahed drones, a low-cost deep-strike munition. These drones were used to carry out airstrikes on various cities and villages across Ukraine, causing significant damage and loss of life. In addition, North Korea helped Russia address a shortage of artillery shells, allowing Russian batteries to maintain a high rate of fire during the early stages of the conflict.

Despite these developments, by mid-2023, Ukrainian forces had actually gained a firepower advantage over Russian forces. This was largely due to the fact that Western countries provided more artillery ammunition to Ukraine than Russia received from its allies. The war in Ukraine is not simply a small conflict between two countries; it is a complex and multi-faceted conflict with global implications.

By Samantha Robertson

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