Trump discusses border security, economy, and Iran’s attack on Israel during rally in the Lehigh Valley | Lehigh Valley Regional News

Former President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in North Whitehall Township, where he expressed support for the people of Israel under attack by Iran. Trump criticized the current administration’s handling of the situation and claimed that such weakness would not have occurred during his presidency. He also touched on topics like border security and the economy in his speech to supporters.

During the rally, Trump drew a crowd of 42,000 people at the Schnecksville Fire Company’s Fairgrounds. Democratic officials such as Gov. Josh Shapiro and State Rep. Josh Siegel pushed back on Trump’s extreme agenda, citing concerns about his impact on Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. However, Trump’s supporters at the rally voiced their disagreement with these criticisms.

Supporters praised Trump for his effectiveness and care for the American people, emphasizing his qualifications for the job. They expressed concerns about the current state of the country and the impact on future generations. U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser highlighted the importance of Pennsylvania in the 2024 elections and Trump’s plans to address issues like inflation and energy production.

Overall, Trump’s rally in North Whitehall Township drew a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters who believe he is the best candidate to lead the country and address critical issues facing Americans.

By Samantha Robertson

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