Prioritize Science Over Business When Handling Pesticides

Congratulations are in order for the recent series addressing the abnormally high cancer rates in Iowa. The Gazette recently published a column and a letter discussing farm chemicals and pesticides, which have the potential to be toxic. Studies have shown elevated cancer biomarkers in the urine of individuals with high glyphosate concentrations, indicating a possible link to cancer. The World Health Organization has also stated that glyphosate is likely carcinogenic to humans, further raising concerns about the chemical’s safety. Despite these findings, the company currently producing glyphosate, Bayer, is conducting research on a treatment for the very cancer it may cause.

As the potential dangers of glyphosate become clearer, it is concerning that legislation is being considered in Iowa that would limit individuals’ ability to seek damages for harm caused by the chemical. This move by the GOP raises questions about prioritizing corporate interests over public health. With issues like nitrogen pollution and damage from liquefied gas already affecting Iowans, it is evident that science should be respected and prioritized over business interests in policymaking.

Sonia Ettinger brings attention to the need for legislators to consider the scientific evidence and prioritize public health in their decision-making processes. It is essential to listen to experts in the field and to protect the well-being of Iowans. The opinions expressed in this content reflect the views of the author or The Gazette editorial board, and readers are encouraged to engage in the conversation by submitting their own letters or columns on the topic.

By Samantha Robertson

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