Local Men Connect to Mental Health Services at Men’s Resource Fair

Men in Colorado are facing a significant issue when it comes to suicide, with statistics showing that men are three times more likely to die from suicide compared to women. In response to this alarming statistic, the Department of Human Services organized the Men’s Resource Fair. The goal of this event was to connect local men with the resources available to them in order to address this pressing issue.

At the Men’s Resource Fair, attendees had the opportunity to interact with representatives from various organizations that offer support and assistance. The resources covered a wide range of areas, including securing housing, finding employment opportunities, and accessing legal and mental health services. These resources aimed to provide men with the support they need to address the challenges they may be facing.

Event organizer Jesse Vasquez highlighted the importance of connecting participants with community resources, emphasizing that the El Paso County Department of Human Services alone cannot provide all the necessary support. The Men’s Resource Fair aimed to bridge the gap between men in need and the valuable resources available in the community.

For those unable to attend the fair, access to these resources can be found on the Colorado Department of Human Services website. By providing men with the necessary support and resources, it is hoped that the alarming rate of suicide among men in Colorado can be addressed and reduced.

By Samantha Robertson

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