Is there truly a sun-drenched country suffering from vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D comes in two forms – an inactive form known as vitamin D2 and an active form called vitamin D3, which is produced by exposure to the sun. Studies have shown that our body only produces this vitamin following exposure to UVB radiation, mainly in the summer and transitional seasons. In countries with limited sunlight, such as those in the northern hemisphere, vitamin D deficiency is more common.

In Israel, approximately 70% of the population has very low levels of vitamin D, with the elderly being particularly at risk. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to bone fractures, calcium loss, weakness, tooth loss, and an increased risk of colon and prostate cancer. It is recommended that the elderly take a daily vitamin supplement to prevent these health issues.

Experts recommend a minimum normal level of 70 ng per milliliter of vitamin D, with athletes advised to maintain levels over 100 ng per milliliter for optimal performance. Health insurance funds in Israel approve vitamin D level tests every two years, with individuals over 65 recommended to take 1,000 units of vitamin D daily. Infants up to one year old are also given vitamin D supplements due to deficiencies in their bodies and low levels in breast milk.

To maintain adequate vitamin D levels, it is recommended to get regular sun exposure for about ten minutes a day, avoiding peak radiation hours. It is also advised to get vitamin D levels checked regularly, especially if spending extended periods indoors. The elderly and infants should receive daily vitamin D supplements to prevent deficiencies and associated health problems.

By Samantha Robertson

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