Growing homeless encampment on East Lake Street putting strain on local businesses.

Jamal Tashtoush, the owner of A & J Fish and Chicken in Minneapolis, is experiencing a rough time due to a homeless encampment that recently appeared behind his restaurant. He believes that crime has increased and sales have decreased as a result. Tashtoush has noticed a significant drop in sales, estimating a 25% decrease in just two weeks. To combat this, he has been investing in additional security measures and putting in extra effort to clean up around his business to ensure the safety and health of his family and customers.

Duke’s Cars and Towing, another business in the area, is also facing challenges as a result of the encampment. Manager Yasmin Vanesa Cano has observed a decrease in business due to safety concerns and attempted break-ins by individuals from the encampment. This has left her feeling unsafe and worried about the future of her business. Residents in the neighborhood, like the Romero family, are also feeling uneasy and have adjusted their daily routines to prioritize safety in light of recent incidents in the area.

The Minneapolis police have responded to reports of crimes in the area, including a shooting that occurred on Saturday morning and a fatal shooting of a 24-year-old man on Monday. With the situation escalating, community members and business owners like Tashtoush are calling for city officials to address the root causes of the issue. Despite the challenges he is facing, Tashtoush remains hopeful for the future and looks forward to a return to normalcy in his neighborhood where he can interact with his regular customers and feel safe in his own business.

By Samantha Robertson

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