Grifol says Eloy Jimenez takes live BP, approaching rehab assignment.

Ahead of Saturday’s loss to the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox designated hitter Eloy Jimenez took another step toward returning to the White Sox lineup in the near future. Lodolo shines as Reds crack Crochet conundrum, deliver White Sox 12th loss in 14 games.

As the game approached, White Sox manager Pedro Grifol commented on Jimenez’s progress, stating that Jimenez had a good day running and moving around. Grifol mentioned that the next step in Jimenez’s recovery process is to focus on timing and rhythm to prepare him for his return to the lineup.

In preparation for his comeback, Jimenez participated in live batting practice against Chicago reliever John Brebbia around 11 a.m. During the practice, Jimenez hit a couple of balls to the center field warning track but also had moments where he missed his swings.

Grifol shared that Jimenez had reached comfortable running numbers during the practice session, indicating that they were ready to take the next step in his recovery process. Jimenez has been dealing with a left abductor strain since a March 31 game against the Detroit Tigers.

When asked about a potential rehab assignment for Jimenez, Grifol mentioned that it was the next logical step in his recovery plan. The Chicago White Sox will face off against the Cincinnati Reds in game two of their series at Guaranteed Rate Field on Sunday at 1:10 p.m. CT. Stay updated on the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video by visiting WGN-TV.

By Samantha Robertson

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