CBSE hosts Science Challenge Programme for Students in Grades 8-10

The CBSE Science Challenge organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education consists of two rounds: an intra-school competition and an inter-school challenge. The goal of this program is to promote curiosity, inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students in classes 8 to 10. This initiative, focused on Science, Environment, and Sustainability, will be available until May.

Students from classes 8 to 10 in CBSE-affiliated schools can participate in the first round with no application fee required. School registration is necessary for participation in the initial stage. In the second round, schools that registered in the first stage can nominate their top six students from each participating class. The challenge paper will include multiple-choice questions emphasizing speed and accuracy.

Participants in the second round will receive online participation certificates from the Board. Top-performing students will be awarded appreciation certificates. Schools are encouraged to support student participation in the CBSE Science Challenge to help students develop and demonstrate their skills.

For any further inquiries or clarifications, interested parties can contact via email at or by calling 011-23238361.

By Samantha Robertson

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