Scientists have developed two effective techniques for moving beyond negative experiences from the past

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes negative experiences can have a lasting impact on our behavior and thoughts. Is there a way to turn these negative experiences into positive life lessons that can help guide our future decisions? A new study published in Current Opinion in Psychology by VanEpps and Truncellito suggests that there are two methods to help individuals view past negative events in a more positive light.

The first method is cognitive reappraisal, which involves reframing a negative event and focusing on the positive aspects. By changing assumptions and interpretations, individuals can see past events in a new light. For example, instead of dwelling on a heart-breaking break-up, one can focus on aspects like self-discovery and growth, leading to a more fulfilling romantic relationship in the future.

The second method involves storytelling, where individuals can repackage negative experiences and “redeem the past.” By incorporating negative events into a larger narrative, people can create a more positive overall story. Every story has its ups and downs, and by including past negative events as a small part of a larger positive story, individuals can move forward with a more optimistic outlook on life.

Both methods offer ways to overcome the emotional impact of past traumas and help individuals move forward with a positive attitude. By reframing negative events and incorporating them into a larger narrative, individuals can learn valuable life lessons and use them to make better decisions in the future.

By Samantha Robertson

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