Potsdam Science Café to convene on April 17

The next Clarkson University Science Café will explore the topic of Simple Insights from Complex Networks on Wednesday, April 17 at 7:15 p.m. Have you ever wondered if any two people in the world are separated by just six acquaintances? Do your friends have more friends than you, or is it just a false impression? And why is it so challenging to stop an epidemic by vaccinating only a fraction of the population?

Dr. Dani ben-Avraham (Physics, CU) will lead the discussion on the network of social contacts and its role in our everyday lives. Complex networks can be found in various aspects of life, including the Internet, the World Wide Web, flight connections, the electricity power grid, and even neurons in the brain. Learn more about this fascinating field and its discoveries during this upcoming Science Café event.

The Science Café is an informal gathering where local researchers or experts discuss science and research topics with the public. The event will take place in the community Room at the Potsdam Civic Center, located at 2 Park St. For more information, visit https://www.clarkson.edu/science-cafe or contact sciencecafe@clarkson.edu.

By Samantha Robertson

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