Omeokwe joins Bloomberg to report on Fed and economy

Amara Omeokwe has been hired by Bloomberg News to cover the Federal Reserve Board and the economy. Prior to joining Bloomberg, she worked as an economics reporter for the Wall Street Journal before being laid off earlier this year. Omeokwe also has experience working on NPR’s “Morning Edition” as well as at Time Warner Cable News in North Carolina as a video journalist/reporter covering general assignment and breaking news stories.

During her time at Time Warner Cable News, Omeokwe shot, wrote, narrated, and edited all of her stories. She frequently reported live and was the lead business reporter in the Greensboro newsroom. Omeokwe also helped launch and served as executive producer on several episodes of “True Story,” a video web series from focusing on issues impacting the African-American community.

Omeokwe began her career in news at NBC Universal, starting as an East Coast Page Program before working her way up to producing at CNBC. During her time at CNBC, she covered a variety of financial topics including Wall Street banks, M&A, IPOs, and daily market action in stocks, bonds, and options.

A native New Yorker, Omeokwe holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

By Samantha Robertson

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