Don’t Forget: Santa Barbara County Public Health Department Encourages STI Testing for Residents

STI Awareness Week, recognized by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (SBCPHD), the California Department of Public Health, and the CDC starting April 14, aims to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The goal is to reduce stigma and increase knowledge on how to treat, prevent, and test for STIs. Since the pandemic, the numbers of gonorrhea and syphilis cases have increased in Santa Barbara County according to the SBCPHD.

For individuals who are sexually active, Santa Barbara County recommends taking certain precautions. They suggest talking openly and honestly to healthcare providers about sexual health and STIs, as providers are trained to answer questions. Having conversations with partners about testing history, getting tested together, being honest about any existing STIs, and using condoms properly for every sexual act are important precautions. Testing is the only way to know for sure if you have an STI or HIV, and individuals can order self-test kits for free if they are 18 and older.

If someone tests positive for an STI, it is essential to work with a healthcare provider to get treatment. It’s important to take all prescribed medication, avoid sharing medication, and refrain from having sex until both partners have completed treatment. All STIs are treatable, and proper treatment is necessary. For more information on sexual health, individuals can visit the SBCPHD website.

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By Samantha Robertson

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