Buffalo Clothing Co. Named Finalist in Small Business Contest with $60,000 Prize

Based in Buffalo, Aille Design is an accessible clothing company that is currently a finalist in a national small business contest. The grand prize for the contest is $60,000, and Aille Design is seeking help from the community in Western New York to secure the number one spot. The company is one of 10 finalists vying for the top prize.

The contest is organized by Barclays and aims to recognize the best small businesses in the country. Aille Design specializes in creating clothing that incorporates words in braille through beadwork. They work closely with the blind and visually impaired communities to design their pieces, making their clothing both stylish and inclusive.

If you’d like to support Aille Design and help them win the contest, you can vote for them online. Winning this contest would be a significant achievement for the company and would bring attention to their innovative approach to accessible fashion.

Aille Design is on track to become the second Buffalo-based business to claim the top spot in the contest, following Frank Gourmet’s success in 2020. To learn more about Aille Design and their mission to make fashion more inclusive for everyone, you can watch an interview with the owners conducted by 7 News reporter Taylor Epps.

By Samantha Robertson

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