Biden Anticipates Iran’s Planned Attack on Israel, Vows it will Fail

During a press conference, US President Joe Biden expressed his belief that Iran would attempt to strike Israel in retaliation for an attack in Syria. However, he warned Iran not to attack Israel, stating that the United States is dedicated to defending and supporting Israel. Biden emphasized that Iran would not succeed in any attempts to harm Israel.

Following an Israeli strike on April 1 that destroyed an Iranian diplomatic building in Damascus and resulted in the deaths of seven members of the Revolutionary Guards, including two generals, Iran has vowed to retaliate. Biden’s message to Iran was clear: “Don’t strike Israel.” He reiterated the US’s commitment to Israel’s defense and stated that Iran would not be successful in attacking the nation.

In response to questions about the situation, Biden did not disclose specific information but stated that he expected Iran to make a move against Israel in the near future. The US President’s firm stance and support for Israel come amidst escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, with both countries engaged in retaliatory actions.

By Samantha Robertson

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