Apple iPhone can be repaired using affordable secondhand parts

Apple has recently announced a significant change in its iPhone repair policy, which involves the use of second-hand components to make safe and affordable repairs more accessible to users. This shift demonstrates Apple’s commitment to sustainability and user empowerment. The company will begin offering select used parts for certain iPhone models, allowing competent users or independent third parties to carry out the repairs. Among the initial components available will be biometric sensors for Face ID and Touch ID, while Apple will continue to verify the authenticity of parts and maintain a record of hardware history for each device.

Moreover, Apple will now store a comprehensive repair history for each device, indicating whether new or second-hand parts were used. In order to streamline the repair process, Apple has announced that serial numbers will no longer be required when ordering parts, except for motherboard replacements. The self-repair program was initially launched in the United States in 2022 and has since expanded to several other countries globally. As of April 11, the program now supports 40 Apple products in 33 countries and territories.

This change in policy comes at a time when regulators in key markets have voiced concerns over device manufacturers’ repair practices and the mounting issue of e-waste. As part of a broader trend towards extending the lifespan of devices, other manufacturers like Samsung and Google have also introduced similar repair initiatives. This collective shift in the industry reflects a move towards more sustainable and consumer-centric practices that prioritize repairability and longevity of electronic devices.

By Samantha Robertson

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