Victor US specialty business appoints Tim McDougald as President

Managing general underwriter Victor has recently appointed Tim McDougald as the president of its Victor US specialty underwriting business. McDougald’s new role, based in Boston, will entail overseeing the growth, innovation, and talent development for Victor US. Reporting to Charles Williamson, CEO of Victor, McDougald is seen as the ideal candidate due to his proven leadership skills and strong carrier relationships.

With 34 years of experience at Marsh, McDougald has held various leadership positions in New York and Boston. His most recent role was as Marsh’s New England Operations leader for eight years, following his leadership of Marsh’s New York Metro Risk Management team. McDougald’s expertise and experience in the industry make him well-suited to lead Victor US and drive results for carrier partners while providing innovative insurance solutions for customers.

McDougald expressed excitement about his new role, highlighting Victor’s commitment to innovation and client focus as unique in the marketplace. He looks forward to collaborating with Victor’s talented team to deliver exceptional insurance solutions for brokers and their clients, ultimately driving success in the marketplace. With McDougald at the helm, Victor US is poised for continued growth and success in the US market.

By Samantha Robertson

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