NFL Mock Draft 2024: Malik Nabers takes over as top WR, Steelers and Cowboys focus on OL

NFL teams are currently conducting top-30 visits with draft hopefuls and doing medical rechecks on players flagged at the combine. Final preparations are underway as teams build their respective boards. It is important for fans to understand how these big boards are developed. Rather than having hundreds of prospects, teams typically have a list of around 150 players, carefully chosen based on where the team would feel comfortable taking them and considering roster needs. Factors such as work ethic, medical evaluations, athleticism, production, and personality play a role in determining a player’s placement on the board, but it all begins with determining if the prospect is a good fit for the team’s offensive or defensive strategy.

In this exercise, we will explore the positional needs of each team and what they may hope to accomplish in the first round of the draft. Teams without a first-round pick, such as the Panthers, Texans, and Browns, are also making strategic selections to address key areas of need. For more in-depth draft analysis, listeners can tune in to “With the First Pick,” a year-round NFL Draft podcast featuring NFL Draft analyst Ryan Wilson and former Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, available on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

The 2024 NFL Draft is scheduled to take place from April 25-27 in Detroit. Fans can find more draft coverage on, including the updated draft order and profiles of eligible prospects.

By Samantha Robertson

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