Get to Know the Winner: Dr. Kellie Wilks, Chief Technology Officer of ECISD

The CoSN Withrow CTO Award is given to an outstanding district Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who is a true technology advocate and whose leadership has made a significant impact on their school system. This award was created to honor Frank Withrow, a pioneer in K-12 education technology. Dr. Kellie Wilks, Chief Technology Officer of ECISD, graciously accepted this award on behalf of her entire Technology division, acknowledging the contributions of her colleagues to her success.

Dr. Wilks has a strong history of supporting ECISD, being involved in initiatives such as the Raising Blended Learners Grant, Math Innovation Zones Grant, and efforts to bridge the digital divide. She is known for her collaborative leadership style, forging partnerships in the community to share best practices and provide opportunities for all students.

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