EPCC Computer Science students participate in global symposium for award-winning project

Two EPCC Computer Science students, Ivan Alonso and Emilian Garcia, successfully presented their winning assignment, “The Fingerprint Assignment: An Interdisciplinary Assessment for CS I Education,” at the Technical Symposium of the Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education in Portland, Oregon. With the guidance of their professor, Dr. Christian Servin, the duo showcased their work on March 20th through the 23rd at the symposium.

Their assignment was recognized as one of the top six globally for the current year, marking a significant achievement. It was also notable as the first time the session had accepted an assignment from a community college, highlighting the caliber of work produced by Alonso and Garcia at EPCC.

Alonso expressed that the project presented challenges but ultimately led to a deeper understanding of computer science. He mentioned that participating in the research opened his eyes to knowledge beyond the classroom and allowed him to engage with real-world applications and challenges in the field, enhancing his appreciation for its complexities.

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By Samantha Robertson

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