“Bridging the Divide” podcast by the Assist the Officer Foundation supports mental health and preserves Dallas police legacy

A group of Dallas police officers have found a way to cope with the stresses of their job through a popular podcast that features law enforcement stories. Based out of the Dallas Police Association building, the “Bridging the Divide” podcast, run by the Assist the Officer Foundation, highlights the experiences of North Texas law enforcement officers. Guests range from local officers to high-profile figures like Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia and even a Navy Seal who was part of the mission to capture Bin Laden.

The podcast aims to address mental health issues among officers by sharing vulnerable moments from their lives. By discussing topics like working on the SWAT team, the hosts hope to give listeners a better understanding of the law enforcement profession. Each month, three new episodes are released, with a focus on preserving the history of the Dallas Police Department’s fallen officers.

The podcast has gained a wide following, with listeners from all over the world expressing gratitude for the stories shared. Support for the podcast has even come from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who awarded it the 2023 Law Enforcement Achievement Award. However, for the officers behind the podcast, the real reward is knowing they are making a positive impact on the lives of their fellow first responders.

By Samantha Robertson

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