Bill Nye the Science Guy Offers Advice on How to Experience the Total Solar Eclipse: “Stay Present”

The solar eclipse on Monday will pass over portions of 15 U.S. states and will be visible to over 31 million people. Millions more are expected to travel to see this rare celestial event. The eclipse occurs when the moon casts a shadow on the earth, blocking sunlight. Bill Nye, the CEO of the Planetary Society, explained the phenomenon on “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in 1997.

Nye emphasized the importance of eclipse safety glasses for those planning to view the event. These glasses are much darker than sunglasses and provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Nye demonstrated the effectiveness of these glasses by holding his cell phone light against them – the light was completely blocked.

During the eclipse, it gets darker, but not like a cloudy day. The crickets start to chirp, the birds sing, and there is often a slight breeze due to the local cooling of the ground. Nye encouraged people to be present and take in their surroundings during the event, rather than getting distracted by their phones.

NASA estimates that 99% of people across the country will experience the solar eclipse either partially or completely. The next total solar eclipses in North America are not expected to occur until 2044 and 2045. It is a shared experience that should be enjoyed together, as it is a rare and exciting event in the sky.

By Samantha Robertson

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