YouTube introduces a ‘view-only’ comment feature for certain supervised minor accounts

YouTube has introduced new features for supervised accounts, allowing for a ‘read-only’ comment option for accounts set with the ‘Explore more’ and ‘Almost all YouTube’ parameters. The company has informed those managing supervised accounts for minors about this upcoming option, which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Acknowledging the value of comments in the YouTube experience for viewers and creators, YouTube aims to enhance the experience for younger viewers by introducing a feature that allows minors to read comments but not write them. This feature will be available for accounts set with the ‘Explore more’ and ‘Almost all YouTube’ parameters, catering to users between the ages of 13 and 17.

Live chats will remain disabled for these accounts, and users can change these settings in YouTube Settings or through the parental control app Family Link by Google. It is important to note that the selected configuration will not apply when minors are viewing YouTube content embedded on third-party websites.

The YouTube Supervised Experience is different from YouTube Kids, offering parents more control over the content their children can access based on age and maturity level. This type of account allows parents to choose a content configuration parameter that aligns with their parenting style.

Different parameters like ‘To explore’, ‘Explore more’, and ‘Almost all of YouTube’ cater to different age groups, offering varying levels of content access. Users can customize the settings and disable features like comments and live chats based on their preferences.

Overall, YouTube is continuously working to improve the online experience for children and teenagers by offering more control and supervision options for parents managing their accounts.

By Samantha Robertson

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