Ross holds meeting with Alabama’s Kalen DeBoer, Coach Prime focuses on team building, and Kentucky has eyes on Scott Drew

Join the College Football Enquirer podcast to stay updated on all the latest news and analysis in the world of college football. Unfortunately, this content is not available in your region. Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger, and SI’s Pat Forde start the podcast by discussing the feud between Chip Gaines, Baylor, and Kentucky fans over Baylor men’s basketball head coach Scott Drew. They also address the possibility of a college football “super league” based on reporting from The Athletic, with Dellenger dismissing the idea due to the College Football Playoff’s new media rights deal.

The focus then shifts to Dellenger’s recent visit with new Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer. Forde and Wetzel talk about the different vibe DeBoer brings to the Crimson Tide, while Dellenger shares his insights on the changes he’s observed. After a break, they discuss Colorado head coach Deion Sanders’ quotes on recruiting and team management, speculating on his future after key players leave.

To wrap up the show, Wetzel tells a story about a man who stole guacamole from a Chipotle in Michigan, leading to a heated altercation. The newest Alabama Crimson Tide head coach, Kalen DeBoer, faces the media as he steps into the role following Nick Saban’s retirement. Follow Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, and Ross Dellenger for more updates and analysis on college football news. Don’t forget to check out the College Football Enquirer podcast and other Yahoo Sports podcasts for all your sports content needs. This article may contain affiliate links that could earn us a commission if you make a purchase.

By Samantha Robertson

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