In 2023, Global Coal Capacity Reaches Record Levels

Global coal power capacity reached a record high last year, primarily due to China’s construction of the most new capacity. However, the slowdown in coal power plant retirements worldwide also contributed to this increase. Data from Global Energy Monitor, an energy trends tracker, revealed that coal power plant retirements have been declining since 2020 when total retirements globally exceeded 40 GW, dropping to just over 20 GW in 2023.

China led the pack by adding 47 GW of new coal-powered generation capacity last year, representing 66% of the global total in new additions. India and Indonesia also contributed significantly to the increase in new coal capacity. Despite the current growth, Global Energy Monitor’s Coal Program director, Flora Champenois, emphasized the need for countries to accelerate the retirement of existing coal plants and halt plans for new ones to meet the goals set in the Paris Agreement.

However, transitioning away from coal is not as simple as it may sound. Coal continues to provide reliable, baseload power that renewable sources like wind and solar cannot guarantee. Additionally, the cost of alternatives to coal remains a factor to consider. India, for example, plans to triple its coal production to meet its growing energy needs, stating that coal plays a crucial role in the nation’s economic growth and development.

In conclusion, while efforts are being made to transition to cleaner energy sources, the reliance on coal for energy generation persists in many parts of the world. Balancing the economic benefits of coal with the environmental goals outlined in international agreements remains a complex challenge for policymakers and energy stakeholders globally.

By Samantha Robertson

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