Announcement of Winners for the 2024 UChicago Science as Art Competition

The University of Chicago recently revealed the recipients of its 2024 “Science as Art” competition, which highlights striking images of cutting-edge scientific research from within the UChicago community. Over 60 submissions were received from a range of participants including undergraduates, graduate students, staff, alumni, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty members. These entries featured a wide array of subject matter, from fossils to the anatomy of flies, all capturing the essence of intellectual curiosity and discovery.

Among the submissions, the grand-prize winner was announced as Ph.D. student Sam Everett for his piece titled “Peculiar Dynamics.” In his description of the image, Everett explained that the visual representation was derived from a computer program he developed to simulate a discrete dynamical system of the plane. By using this program, he was able to gain greater insight into the underlying mathematical phenomena he was exploring. The resulting image displayed intricate and almost “organic” patterns that appeared chaotic yet structured around the origin point of the simulation.

The diverse range of submissions showcased the innovative and interdisciplinary nature of research being conducted at the University of Chicago, emphasizing the beauty and complexity of scientific exploration. Each image offered a unique perspective on the pursuit of knowledge and highlighted the creative methods used by researchers to delve deeper into their respective fields. Through the “Science as Art” contest, the UChicago community was able to showcase their passion for discovery and appreciation for the visual aesthetics of science.

By Samantha Robertson

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